Dremio Engine Status keep showing "Stopping"

my dremio engines status keep showing “Stopping”, before this happen i trying to stop the engine and restart the dremio service, maybe because the engine not stopped entirely and do restart the service this happen ?, now the dremio engine last status always show “Stopping” and “stop” button not appear anymore. i need to restart the engine. how to fix this ?

@Jonathan38 What happens if you log out and login back or refresh your page?

In your above screenshot, it says online

@balaji.ramaswamy yeah its online sir, but i cant stop the engine now because status keep showing “Stopping”,
i already try log out and login back or refresh, its still like that.

@Jonathan38 As a workaround for now, are you able to delete the enginer and recreate?

@balaji.ramaswamy im trying to recreate the engine.


If you click on engines and then the 3 dots (…) to the right end of the engine you want to stop, click on the 3 dots what options do you see? If you see delete, then delete the engine and recreate

Have you tried to restart the coordinator and then once the Master is up, refresh browser and see if you see all options again?