Dremio fails pushdown

Hello, after upgrade to 21.x when use custom arp connector we have error on Aggregate operator name: ‘SINGLE_VALUE’ not supported. Aborting pushdown
Anybody can explain me which are this function or how I should handle it in YML to support this operation.

I think that have subselect in select statement cause this error.

@balaji.ramaswamy Hello, please can you help me with this issue? good day.
I’ve attached query profile
2d8e5664-e33d-4457-9a50-216b8eaf8dad.zip (109,5 KB)

@dacopan The profile you uploaded is a cancelled profile, is your question why the query runs for ~ 40s?

Hello, yes I canceled because i saw that analizing profile Dremio tries run 13 sql to fetch all data from tables, instead of run only one query pushdown to database, because the message “‘SINGLE_VALUE’ not supported. Aborting pushdown”

My question is why Dremio fails to pushdown with SINGLE_VALUE error

@dacopan you mentioned this happens after an upgrade. Which version were you upgrading from? And do you have a profile from before the upgrade where the same query succeeded?

This seems to be an issue with Scalar subqueries, but I believe this issue has been there for a while.

Hello I no have old profile in 4.1 run oks, I no migrate, I try in fresh install of 20.x and 21.x and 22.x this error happens. And me too, I think this issue has been there a long time ago

@steven @balaji.ramaswamy Hi guys, any news about this issue? do you need any more info from me? is a confirmed bug.

@steven @balaji.ramaswamy Hi, sorry my insistence, but do you have any news about this? Need more info?