Dremio JDBC Driver documentation

I am working on building a driver plugin for a BI tool that uses the Dremio JDBC driver. I found documentation on the Java jdbc API at:

But I could not find similar documentation for the Dremio JDBC driver. I am looking for resources that could answer, among others, the questions below:

  • Is the Dremio-OSS Docker image at https://hub.docker.com/r/dremio/dremio-oss/ the Dremio jdbc driver itself?
  • Is the code at the repository https://github.com/dremio/dremio-oss the actual code for the Dremio jdbc driver itself?
  • What methods in the Dremio jdbc driver are publicly available? What methods in Dremio-OSS are publicly available?
  • What is a given method supposed to do? What is it trying to accomplish?
  • What data types are a given method’s input parameters?
  • What is the expected data structure of a given method’s return data?
  • When and in what sequence is a given method executed? Is there a lifecycle map anywhere?

Thank you.

Hello @rdavid48,

Admittedly, we do not offer much in the way of client SDK-type documentation for the driver. You can find the implementation here.

I do not believe we offer a docker image of the driver jar itself, but you can download a build of that jar here.