Dremio jdbc on apache jmeter


we experienced error below from jdbc dremio during load test using jmeter-5.2

VALIDATION ERROR: Column ‘f5’ not found in any table

SQL Query select f5
startLine 1
startColumn 8
endLine 1
endColumn 9

[Error Id: 3232be85-a85d-4389-a1d8-cac1f7218b03 on localhost:31010]

(org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException) From line 1, column 8 to line 1, column 9: Column ‘f5’ not found in any table

we didn’t find any problem using jdbc dremio on dbeaver with those query. the query is quite simple just " select f5,count(*) as total from “localhive.default”.XXX group by f5" . our dremio version is /data/apps/dremio-community-11.0.0-202011171636110752-16ab953d.


Are you able to provide us with the job profile, also what datatype is f5 column in Hive?


hi Bali, datatype of f5 column is string. I forgot to tell you that when i execute query "select count() from fda_orc" without group by column the query r8753870c-4f1f-449e-a6c8-eba0dde1ada9.zip (8.9 KB) un well through jdbc apache jmeter. Attached file is profile for select count()


Do not find an error in the profile uploaded, does table fda_orc have a column called “f5”

Can you run a “select * from localhive.“default”.fda_orc” via Dremio and send us the profile?

Also send us the output of “describe formatted default.fda_orc” from Hive or Beeline

Hi Bali,

sorry I uploaded wrong job profile, here with the correct one,
one we specified column within query it will be error, but result will be ok if we query using select * or select count(*)

ee0c4f27-57c0-421f-bfaa-61e2aeb7a2bd.zip (5.9 KB)

Hi Bali ,

below is hive cli result;

hive> describe fda_orc;
reccon string
f1 string
f2 string
f3 string
f4 string
f5 string
f6 string
f7 string
f8 string
f9 string
Time taken: 0.148 seconds, Fetched: 10 row(s)

ini attached file is profile from select * from localhive.“default”.fda_orc
9b61ad88-6c65-4664-92f3-0bafc632588e.zip (12.4 KB)

Hi Bali,

sorry for my mistake configure CSV set data config using delimiter with “,” The delimiter lead jmeter error when parse my SQL command. After modification dremio jdbc work well. thank’s for your help