Dremio JDBC storage plugin failed while trying setup the SQL query

HI guys,

I am facing the above issue when running this query( See attached Query)
This query is generated from Qlik Sense and if i take the exact same query and run in it in the Redshift cluster i get the expected results.
The suspected filed is gender(if i comment this field out then i am able to return the results)
Somehow i think the query is not being translated correctly from Qlik to Dremio

Dremio Query.zip (1.5 KB)


The way you have zipped the file requires extra software to be installed, just download the profile and send it as is


Thank you i have downloaded and uploaded the profile as is, let me know if you are able to open it.

I also noticed the the below error:
(java.sql.SQLException) Amazon Invalid operation: length for type varchar cannot exceed 65535;

19c67045-1ea1-49e0-8038-76af7d4b0995.zip (59.4 KB)

Additionally if i replace the IN Predicate with the LIKE predicate for gender and derived_race and run the same query in dremio then i am able to get the results
gender like ‘%M%’ AND
derived_race like ‘%UNKNOWN%’

It seems like this issue only occurs when we are using an aggregation reflection.
If I use a raw reflection I am not getting this issue( though all fields must be displayed on the raw reflection for the query from Qlik to run successfully)


Looks like a field width limit.

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