Dremio not running on Macbook pro, OS Sierra

I can’t seem to get Dremio to run on my Macbook Pro. Probably related to my Java install, I probably installed the wrong version, or am missing something.
I launch the application, then click on the start button. It just times out.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help

Can you share the logs please? Note we require Java 1.8


Here you go.



Nothing was attached/shared, can you reupload please?


Did you not see the attached files to this email? I’ll resend again, they are attachments to this email string. The web site on the community forum does not all me to attach these file types



How do I attach the log files to this web site? When I try to drag the log files, it says that these file types are not supported.

Can you zip up the log files in a .zip and attach via community?

Zippped four files:


Archive.zip (4.4 KB)


Your guess seems correct - it seems to maybe have a Java issue.
Do you have multiple versions of Java installed? What is your user’s primarily one? What is the output of java -version, which java and your $JAVA_HOME in terminal?


I don’t use Java, I just tried to follow the instructions for installing Java. I don’t know how to clean up my multiple versions (if I have multiple). Is there a URL on how to remove my multiple Java versions? Or is there another way?


Can you run the commands listed earlier? Want to first verify you have the correct Java installed and default Java is pointing to it.

If all commands show you are running Java 1.8/8, can you wipe the entire /Users/your_user_name/Library/Dremio/data folder and restart Dremio?

java version “10.0.2” 2018-07-17

Java™ SE Runtime Environment 18.3 (build 10.0.2+13)

Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM 18.3 (build 10.0.2+13, mixed mode)

Russells-MacBook-Pro:~ russellnimura$
Russells-MacBook-Pro:~ russellnimura$ $JAVA_HOME

Russells-MacBook-Pro:~ russellnimura$

We do not currently support Java 10. Can you try to install Java 8? (available here)


Do I have to uninstall Java 10, or can I just install 8, and it will uninstall 10 for me?

I don’t believe so. You may have to set $JAVA_HOME so that Dremio properly recognizes where Java 8 is installed.

Matching Java Virtual Machines (2):
10.0.2, x86_64: “Java SE 10.0.2” /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-10.0.2.jdk/Contents/Home
1.8.0_181, x86_64: “Java SE 8” /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_181.jdk/Contents/Home


It looks like I have two JAVA VMs running. I’m afraid that my unix skills are lacking, how do I set my $JAVA_HOME to point to version 8?

Okay, I was able to remove the Java 10 version from my environment, and I’m able to start the dremio engine. I have the user environment up and running. Thank you for your help