Dremio ODBC connection in Golang

I am new to Golang and trying to connect to Dremio using ODBC using Golang with Dremio url, username and password. I am unable to find any simple and detailed code example online to do this. Can someone redirect me to useful resources or any code example. Thanks a lot in advance.

Updating the question:

Can we connect to Dremio using ODBC in Golang? Are there any drivers available to support this?

@Namrata766 Dremio uses standard ODBC, how do you connect to other sql tools using golang?

Yes, using JDBC and ODBC. I guess, my question should be directed to Golang developers as I couldn’t find any official go driver for Dremio ODBC connection.

@Namrata766 Please check with golang, I am not sure if they will have one specific for Dremio but the generic ODBC should work