How do I start Dremio?

I have downloaded the Dremio ODBC for Mac. I have installed it and found the driver in my path /Library/Dremio/ODBC/Setup/odbc.ini . How do I “start” or access the ODBC from here? This seems like a very natural set of instructions that is extremely ambitious in the documentation. Please help.

Thank you

You would have to configure your ODBC client to use the driver to talk to an Dremio instance.

Hey Doron,
How/ where do I get the ODBC client? Im sorry if this is obvious, but Im not quite understanding the flow yet.


Are you perhaps looking for the Dremio software product? In that case, you can use this documentation to download and install.

ODBC drivers are only required if you have an existing ODBC client (such as an BI tool) that needs to connect to an Dremio instance.

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