Dremio ODBC Connector

Hi, currently I have using RODBC is such a way without any problems -

dremio_host <- “”
dremio_port <- “31050”
dremio_uid <- “mapr”
dremio_pwd <- “masked”

channel <- odbcDriverConnect(sprintf(“DRIVER=Dremio Connector;HOST=%s;PORT=%s;UID=%s;PWD=%s;AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=Basic Authentication;CONNECTIONTYPE=Direct”, dremio_host, dremio_port, dremio_uid, dremio_pwd))

How would I use the dremio connector using ZK quorum? Any advice?

To use with ZK quorum, you would need to change CONNECTIONTYPE to Zookeeper and ZKQuorum to your ZooKeeper quorum.

More details here: https://docs.dremio.com/drivers/dremio-connector.html#connecting-to-zookeeper

I should have said I tested that on ODBC data source admin but it’s failing (refer pic below)

Can you confirm that you are using the MapR zookeeper server in your dremio configuration (would be nice to share your dremio.conf to confirm), that you don’t need fully qualified domain name (just lab1 instead of lab1.foo.bar), and that your zookeeper server doesn’t require authentication to read from it?

Yes, it is running on MapR zookepeeper. In fact my dremio installation is running on MapR yarn and I have no problem using dremio web.

Here’s dremio.conf

services: {
_ coordinator.enabled: true,_
_ coordinator.master.enabled: true,_
_ executor.enabled: false_

services: {
_ coordinator.client-endpoint.port: 31050_

zookeeper: “lab1:5181,lab2:5181,lab3:5181”
services.coordinator.master.embedded-zookeeper.enabled: false