Dremio POC with Cognos to connect to Azure Data Lake Storage

We are starting a POC to see if we can connect Cognos to our Azure Data Lake Storage, do we have to create a separate server for the Dremio or can it be installed on an existing server?

Jo Marie

@jmsellner Dremio needs to have its own set of master and executor nodes. When you say Cognos, would you login to Cognos and query ADLS via Dremio? Is this via ODBC or JDBC?

We would install the JDBC driver for Dremio on the Cognos server and use that to query from Cognos.

Can the Dremio be on an existing server or does it have to have a server by itself.


@jmsellner Depends on the workload and concurrency, When you say Dremio on an existing server, do you mean Cognos and Dremio on the same server?

We have Jupyter server that we use with Cognos currently. We were thinking about putting it on the same server as the Jupyter. The load on the Jupyter is very little.

@jmsellner If Dremio is on a different server and your question is on Jupyter and Cognos on the same server, that should be fine from a Dremio angle while you may have to check with Cognos or Jupyter if that is ok, like if there would be any port conflicts etc