Dremio Ports in Use Message

I can start and run the Windows Community version of Dremio without a problem but when I load a single node Hortonworks Sandbox using VirtualBox, Dremio squawks and give me “One of the ports Dremio requires is in use”

Now going through a few of the past post on this issue in the community, I have gone in and change the dremio.conf file to resolve for ZooKeeper port issues and added -

I am running Windows 10, with Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_91-b15), and Dremio Version 3.2.0-201905102005330382-0598733.

I have run Windows netstat when VirualBox is running and I see no port conflicts with the main Dremio ports of 1234 (change from 2181), 9047, 31010, 45678. I am not sure how to identify the various Dremio data sources ports so not sure if that is were the problem is.


Are you trying to connect the Hortonworks sandbox as an HDFS source to Dremio? What port does the Namenode use for that VirtualBox?

Yes,on my laptop, I am trying to connect to a VirtualBox Hortonworks Sandbox instance using the Community version of Dremio running under Windows.

I’m am no where near an expert on running Hadoop in a virtual environment so not sure I am answering your namenode question correctly. So using http://localhost:50070 it shows me - sandbox-hdp.hortonworks.com:8020