Dremio Python connection

Hi community.

I’m new to Dremio. I was able to successfully setup a dremio service, create a dataset through query.
Now I would like to retrieve this dataset from Python.

I’ve explored the following solutions:

  1. Dremio REST API | Dremio
  2. Dremio

The errors I receive for each attempt are:

  1. TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable – when executing the step: jobid = querySQL(query)
  2. FlightUnavailableError: Flight returned unavailable error, with message: failed to connect to all addresses

My next attempt will be via pyodbc.

Any ideas on how to solve the issues? I particularly like the solution number 1 with direct connect to Dremio API.

PS: not sure if it’s relevant, but I’m using Dremio Community Edition inside a Docker Container.


Hi, if you want to use Arrow flight, try to look over there:

You should have all steps regarding the docker amendment and py script.

hi there @YEN !
thanks for answering my question.

I was doing a port mapping the wrong way, that’s why it wasn’t working.
Following this tutorial: Dremio with latest dremio-oss docker image works like a charm.