Install/config issue arrow flight on dremio docker

we are trying to set-up an arrow flight connection between a docker instance of Dremio on one server and our “Python server”. When testing our connection, we run into following authentication issue:
<span< a="" style=“box-sizing: unset;”>FlightUnauthenticatedError: gRPC returned unauthenticated error, with message: </span<>.

We want to benchmark running a query through odbc vs arrow flight. The odbc-connection works as expected, but we couldn’t find anything about arrow flight in docker documentation, so we decided to experiment with port 32010. We are able to create a connection (gRPC), but not receive data. We believe this is related to arrow-configuarion (legacy vs new), but we are not able to change any configuration within the container.

Can you give us any advice on how to set up arrow flight from within a container?

versions used:
arrow v3.0.0,
docker image dremio/dremio-oss: v13.1.0

If needed we can give more details about our Python environment.

Yes, you will have to amend the dremio.conf config file.
You can use a “docker exec -it yourdockername bash” but the issue is that you will not have any editor to amend the file inside of the container. you will still be able to find the file:

I end up moving the file between the host and the docker with:
docker cp youdockername:/opt/dremio/conf/dremio.conf .
Amend the file:
The save it / copy back to the container
docker cp dremio.conf dremio13v2:/opt/dremio/conf/dremio.conf
You will probably need to restart the docker/service

then your python script will look like that:

We had a lot of issue with the DNS working randomly in virtual machines / dockers, but passing through direct IP seems better :slight_smile:

Hope it helps,


Tested it and it works! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Thanks @YEN for your help on this