Dremio S3 Iceberg Catalog


We are using DBT + Dremio CE 24.3.0 to create materialized iceberg views of our queries.
We instruct the the DBT to create the ICEBERG table on top of a specific S3 bucket, as it doesn’t support Glue integration.

We wish to be able to access these iceberg tables externally using PyIceberg.
While static tables access is an option, we wish to be to do this using a standalone catalog.

What catalog does dremio use when Iceberg tables are created on top of S3 buckets? is it externally accessible? is it configurable?

@sheinbergon When you create ICeberg table on S3 source using Dremio it will default to a Hadoop catalog

When you create the iceberg catalog, you wil ldefine the catalog and Dremio supports catalogs listed in above link