Dremio SQL using Path

We have an external dataset and query it takes a pretty long path. Is it possible to set part of the PATH for querying via ODBC and/or Flight so that we don’t have to include the full path in every query? It’s hard to read when you have a few joins and sub-queries.

Here’s an example, in Dremio, the full path is: dremio_dataset_name.database.schema.table

It would be great if we can shorten that to schema.table, either by running SET PATH dremio_dataset_name.database or some other function.

Is that possible?

@rockyyost Are you trying to set the context?

@rockyyost Possible via API,


For ODBC/JDBC, you can use the USE command:

USE dremio_dataset_name.database;

That will set the default SCHEMA for the session.