Copy Paste Queries Does Not Work


We are facing intermittent issues while executing the copied queries. It gives the error like table is not found at the path in the query. The same query works when we copy the path from context.
For e.g. In the blow screenshot. The both queries are exactly similar but on the execution, the first query errors out while the sec one executes with no issues.

The only difference is that the space name in the table path of the second query is copied from the context and in the first one it is copied from notepad.

We have faced this issue multiple times while creating virtual datasets but there is no defined pattern. We faced this issue on Dremio versions 15.5.0-202105040508160960-dddd4dca (aws) and 11.0.0-202011171636110752-16ab953d (on prem).

@Amit_Tyagi What happens if you copy from notepad to a JDBC tool like DBeaver and run the query?

@balaji.ramaswamy I do not get such issues in any other tools I use. Only the table name and space name values shows this error in Dremio. There are no ctrl M characters, I already ruled out that.

@Amit_Tyagi sorry to ask one more question, have you seen this issue only on 15.x?

@balaji.ramaswamy It’s on both the versions but its more frequent on 15.x

Hi @Amit_Tyagi Sorry for the repeated question, just trying help and narrow down the issue. When you said other tools work fine, you mean, the same query when run from DBeaver connecting to Dremio and then the source runs fine?

@balaji.ramaswamy Apologies for the confusion. I mean the same query works fine when I execute it directly on other sources like Impala etc. The issue only comes on Dremio.

For e.g. suppose I need to create a Virtual Dataset and I write down the query for it on a notepad and then try to execute the same on Dremio, then there is a good probability that I will face the issue with table name. I would have to copy the table name from the context in Dremio and then the same query works fine. They are exactly same queries with only difference being the table name is copied from the context in one and it is copied from notepad in another.

Thanks for the detailed explanation

What I was asking you to try is install DBeaver client and using Dbeaver, connect to Dremio then run the query so the query runs on Dremio via DBeaver, if you copy+paste to the SQL editor on Dbeaver, does it work

Hi Balaji,

Sorry for the late reply. I am facing a similar issue while creating the VD’s. The column here has spaces in between the values e.g “Send Message” image. The same query works without this filter or when if we use any other column as filter which does not have spaces in the values. It also works if create this filter using keep only option from the dataset obtained from without filter query. But this keep only filter is only adding the filter in the outer most query so we can’t use it in complex queries.

I see you are getting a failed to decode error @Amit_Tyagi, I would have to see the full stack to see what the issue is, are you able to share the profile?