Dremio support for MongoDB in new release

Question about the new version (3.2): see also Release notes 3.2

As of Dremio 3.2, complex push down operations are not supported against MongoDB. The MongoDB connector supports pushdowns of projections and filters, however, aggregations, flattening, limits, and sorts are not supported.

What is the impact of this statement on existing mappings? Are all the operations still supported, just not pushed down to Mongo and done in-memory by Dremio or are some of the operations just not supported anymore? And is there a specific reason? I can imagine that this will have an impact on performance (e.g. no limit supported, no usage of Mongo’s aggregation framework)?

Is there more detailed info on the support for Mongo?


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Hi, any update on this one? I didn’t see anything with respect to Mongo for release 3.3.

All operations are still supported and will be handled by Dremio’s execution engine and not pushed down to the Mongo source.