Updating Dremio cloud on AWS

I had raised a query earlier (here: Unable to do METADATA REFRESH FOR PARTITIONS) and was told the fix was already underway in a newer version of dremio cloud on AWS.

Now the question is - how do I upgrade our version?
I came across this link - https://www.dremio.com/resources/tutorials/upgrading-dremio-aws-edition/
Which is 404.
I see a cached version of that in Google (here: Upgrading Dremio AWS Edition | Dremio)
This mentions that I need to stop the current project, and launch an entirely new cloudformation stack and start the project there.

But given the original source is 404, I’m not sure if I should go ahead.

Please advice.

@rohitshetty are you using Dremio Cloud or Dremio AWSE?

You can identify Dremio Cloud by the url you’re using to log in to the UI: It’s either app.dremio.cloud or app.eu.dremio.cloud.

You can identify Dremio AWSE by going to Help → About Dremio. You’ll see the Edition as “AWS Edition”. Like so:

Hello, Thank you.

I use it in app.dremio.cloud - so Dremio cloud.
(We did deploy engines on our AWS cloud using CFN)

The link you were referring to is for Dremio AWSE. So do not use that.

Dremio Cloud is updated automatically. You can find the change log here: Changelog | Dremio Documentation

Thank you for pointing that out!

I had two queries:

  1. How to check what version I am on the Dremio cloud
  2. Is the fix mentioned here: Unable to do METADATA REFRESH FOR PARTITIONS - #6 by lenoyjacob is live?

Because I am still facing the error I reported in Unable to do METADATA REFRESH FOR PARTITIONS

Thanks again for all your help!

  1. You will be on the latest version of Dremio Cloud by default. It gets updated automatically.
  2. Yes, it is. It went live today. See: Changelog | Dremio Documentation.