Dremio Upgrade 2.1 Issue

Hey Guys,

I just tried to upgrade my Dremio Cluster and unfortunately I am not able to provision again the workers.

I am attaching screenshot of the issue and error log.

Dremio Upgrade 2.1 Issue.zip (48.8 KB)

Upgrade details: CentOS, RPM, from 2.0.5 to 2.1.4

I recommend you to take a look at RM and DremioDaemon YARN application to see what error does it show.

Okay I found the problem. The upgrade process didn’t seem to backup and restore properly my dremio-env file. from “/etc/dremio/dremio-env.rpmsave” back to “/etc/dremio/dremio-env.”; as a result, the coordinator node was using the vanilla and incorrect version of the file. After doing a manual rename everything seemed back to normal. Perhaps an issue with the upgrades scripts?

I am continue the testing of the upgrade, I’ll keep you posted guys…