I want to upgrade my existing dremio to Latest

Hi, am sundar , I wanna help to upgrade my dremio:v4.1.6 to latest, What is the procedure to upgrade with existing data

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Here you go


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@balaji.ramaswamy I have one doubt, am using dremio in helm one coordinator and one executor , Will the data in my system crash when i upgrade the dremio version from v4.1.6 to latest …?

I believe you have used this helm charts

Upgrading dremio using helm chart will not destroy the data. Please find the upgrade instructions for a helm deployment in here. Please ensure you have a backup taken before proceeding with the upgrade.

You have to run the backup command inside the master/coordinator pod. Backup Instructions can be found here

ex: /opt/dremio/bin/dremio-admin backup -i -u user -p password -d /tmp/backup

Use kubectl cp command to copy the backup directory to local.

eg: kubectl cp dremio-master-0:/tmp/backup /my-local/dir

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@rohit.rajendran Thank You