Dremio VM scaled up each day for what reason?

Good day,

About two weeks ago we setup our first free Dremio Cloud environment for a customer. All works fine. However i noticed the other day that the engine spins up each day at around 16:35 CET and then shuts down after the set interval. I have two questions:

  1. Is dremio doing this?
  2. If so, what is the reason?

It looks like i cannot add screenshots to my post but i have proof that at least 1 day no job record is listed in dremio for the entire day, but it still got its VM started. It’s a ‘preview 2XS’ engine.

Thanks for clarifying. Have a nice day.

@patrickkooman There may be metadata refresh jobs being triggered daily, which require the engine to spin up. You can verify the metadata refresh settings on your source by going into the source settings.

You can also check if there are metadata jobs running by selecting Internal from the Query Types filter on the Jobs page.

Thanks @isha ! It was a meta refresh job indeed. I didn’t know there was an Internal type specifically for those.