Dremio is not running on windows 10

Hi all,

So I am new to Dremio and I am not able to get it start. I researched other and threads and tried to follow many instructions but I am just able to to get it working. “Dremio is not running” is the message that I am getting. I have intel i5 processor. Also no log file generated and the Java is running fine.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

There are no logs generated at all? Can you check <USER_HOME>/AppData/Dremio/log ?

Hi Anthony,

There is an app0.log and a sever.log. I have attached the files.

I server.zip (3.8 KB)
app0.zip (632 Bytes)

Hi @vijay_oswalia, what is the model of the intel i5 in your laptop? Based on the logs, it looks like it may not support AVX2 which is a requirement to running Dremio.

Hi Jason,

My processor is Intel Core i5-3437U @ 1.90 GHz 2.40 GHz.

Unfortunately your local CPU is not supported by Dremio. Another option could be spinning up a box in the cloud and install Dremio there.

Thanks for the info Anthony.

Just want to quickly mention - We have a major release (2.1) coming in the next few weeks. 2.1 should be compatible again with non-AVX2 CPUs.

Thanks Anthony!
Its a great news. Awaiting for the latest release.

Hey @vijay_oswalia,

2.1 is out, and should be compatible with your CPU.

Hi there,

So I downloaded the new version but it still shows “Dremio is not running”.

I have attached the log files.

Please help me outapp.zip (734 Bytes)
server0.zip (3.6 KB)

@vijay_oswalia seems like your issue is caused by a previous startup attempt failure. Can you wipe C:\Users<USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Dremio and try again?

Its working now.
Thanks man!