Error creating backup

version 4.5

./dremio-admin backup -u foo -p doo -d /mnt/dremio/backup … command issued on coordinator

Failed to create backup at /mnt/dremio/backup: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

Caused by: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure


Can you please try the below?

./dremio-admin backup -u foo -p doo -d /mnt/dremio/backup -a

Usage: dremio-admin backup [options]
-a, --accept-all
accept all ssl certificates
Default: false

  • -d, --backupdir
    backup directory path. for example, /mnt/dremio/backups or
    -h, --help
    show usage
    -i, --include-profiles
    include profiles in backup
    Default: false
    -j, --json
    do json backup (defaults to binary)
    Default: false
    -l, --local-attach
    Attach locally to Dremio JVM to authenticate user. Not compatible with
    user/password options
    Default: false
    -p, --password
    -u, --user
    username (admin)

I get same error shown in this screenshot.

Without the -a option, below is the error: