Error creating reflection using api


 I am trying to create reflection using api.
 I am sending a post request to dremio server/api/v3/reflection endpoint, with following body

name: ‘RAW Reflection’,
type: ‘RAW’,
enabled: false,
datasetId: “ecc5e46c-983b-4a5a-a21f-e853b4f64656”,
partitionDistributionStrategy: ‘CONSOLIDATED’

But I got “status:400, statusText:Bad Request”, seems I am missing something obvious, any hint?


Is “ecc5e46c-983b-4a5a-a21f-e853b4f64656” the reflection ID or dataset ID?


You need to provide at least one column when creating RAW reflections and you should also provide the entityType:

  "name":"Raw Reflection",

@balaji.ramaswamy, it is datasetId

thanks much Doron! It worked after I added displayFields

probably good to update the docs as welll, the display Fields listed as optional, but it is actually required for RAW type reflection.