Error: DATA_READ ERROR: The JDBC storage plugin failed while trying setup the SQL query


  1. I installed the 4.1.4 community version of dremio, and from its web UI, created Demo workspace, then used the samples csv file Samples.“”.“SF weather 2018-2019.csv” and saved as weather into the Demo workspace, so when clicked on Demo workspace, on the right side panel the weather name showed up, the copied path is
  2. I installed the apache-drill-1.17.0 and dropped the jdbc file: dremio-jdbc-driver-4.1.4-202001240912140359-a90eb503.jar into the jars/3rdparty folder and jdbc-driver folder.
  3. Started apache drill with ./drill-embedded command, then went to drill web UI, created storage plugin: dremiodemo:
    “type”: “jdbc”,
    “driver”: “com.dremio.jdbc.Driver”,
    “url”: “jdbc:dremio:direct=localhost:41010;schema=Demo”,
    “username”: “admin”,
    “password”: “”,
    “caseInsensitiveTableNames”: true,
    “enabled”: true
    since apache drill is also using 31010, I changed the dremio jdbc port to 41010 in the conf file.
  4. from drill started session, type show databases;
    dremiodemo.demo is listed as one of the schema names,
    type select * from;
    I got error: Error: DATA_READ ERROR: The JDBC storage plugin failed while trying setup the SQL query.

sql SELECT *

FROM “DREMIO”.“Demo”.“weather”

plugin dremiodemo

Fragment 0:0

in the Dremio server.log file, it showed erro:
Caused by: org.apache.calcite.sql.validate.SqlValidatorException: Table ‘’ not found
Any clues? thanks for help.


We do not support drill as a JDBC client. Does the same work from another JDBC client like DBeaver. If that works then problem is sue to Drill


I do not think that is correct statement: not support drill as a JDBC client, since I used the 4.0.4 version of dremio with apache drill 1.14, it worked before, so the new version should support as well


It may definitely work but we have not tested the product with Drill. We do not do any kind of testing with Drill nor actually list as supported JDBC tools in our docs

Dremio Client Connectivity



Thanks for your help!
I tested from DBeaver, it works, also my question is my query is:
select * from;
and the error message is:
SqlValidatorException: Table ‘’ not found,

Why Dremio looks for table “”?
I tried to configure the jdbc driver plugin:
“url”: “jdbc:dremio:direct=localhost:41010" without schema=Demo
but the error is the same. Dremio always added the “DREMIO” keyword into the query.