Error Failed to decode column when refresh VDS reflection


I am working with dremio 3.2 and HDP 2.6.5
Sometimes, when I refresh reflections (raw reflection on VDS) , I get this error
Failed to decode column dm_dt_chargt::varchar
when i drop reflection and create it again it works although it’s the same data so it can’t be data format problem !

here’s the profile file for the refresh job

I think the error I am getting is not meaningful or didn’t describe the root cause (288,3 Ko)

Thanks for help


The error is coming from . It says “Filesystem closed” so would be good to check the server.log on . If this is a Yarn container then check stdout and stderr for more details on this error. Next time the error might be on a different server so watch out for the server name under the error tab, like below

[Error Id: 4e9e0f30-92b1-40c0-9524-d7364e32ce05 on :-1]