Unrecognized Character Escape

Hello everybody.

We are encountering this error while attempting to refresh a reflection on a large dataset ( roughly 13 million records): DATA_READ ERROR: Unrecognized character escape 'N' (code 78)
This vds mostly extracts fields from a nested json column in the data.
Is there any way we could pinpoint which of our records gives us this error? It is a bit of a needle in the haystack situation at the moment. We are checking the json validity long before writing it on the source Dremio gets the data from so the json should be valid. I’m attaching the profile hoping it could make looking into this problem a bit easier.

10254737-ff50-41fa-8e2c-5f49dd89ca99.zip (34,4 KB)


Unfortunately not, Have other tools been able to parse these JSON files? Also have you tried to create the reflection on a smaller set of files using a FILTER or moving a smaller set to a different folder and promoting that. Would be interesting to see if the bad character is in all the files? Then probably the source ETL job can be validated?