ERROR: Folder already exists at path: "__jobResultsStore"."22e31dd1-98a9-3e00-ea81-3e2147d06700"


out of nothing, my cluster doesn`t execute my queries anymore. It is giving me this:

ERROR: Folder already exists at path: "__jobResultsStore"."22e31dd1-98a9-3e00-ea81-3e2147d06700".

Here goes the (12.7 KB)

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  1. What kind of distributed storage are you using?
  2. Can you think of any change you may have made?

If you can attach server.log from when this happens, we can take look for errors that may point to the issue.

We had this error solved. Happens that our cluster wasn’t able to access S3, cause the user set on the core-site.xml didn’t have the appropriate permission.