Error in parquet reader (complex)

Dear, Everyone

Im new to Dremio.
Work SetUp (64.4 KB)

I try setup dremio Community Version: 22.1.1-202208230402290397-a7010f28
standalone and than i try import simple file format parquet file but i got this error.

OS info:
Red hat 8.6
Ram 20 GB, CPU 16 core

Can anyone help or suggest what should i do?

Thank in advance!!!

@khihort I just tried on both 21.x and 24.x and works in both, are you clicking on the employees.parquet and you should see a window open called dataset settings and format as PARQUET and then click Save? See screenshot below

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Dear, sir

I got this error everytime i click on employees.parquet, *.parquet file, but after error appeared i click button Save and it shows result.

But anyway it worked i can get data.
Thank you!!