Error info with query from the sys.reflections

Hi,dremio friends:
thank you support the sql analyse tools.
now let’s watch the problem with dremio2.16

query: select * from sys.reflections
error info:

Error while applying rule SystemScanPrule, args [rel#41131:SystemScanDrel.LOGICAL.ANY([]).[](table=sys.reflections,columns=reflection_id, name, type, status, num_failures, dataset, sortColumns, partitionColumns, distributionColumns, dimensions, measures, displayColumns, externalReflection,splits=1,tableDigest=1336737709|sys|40ae91ec-7ba2-478a-a646-b488b8d45bc8)]

how I can do something to erase the error?

Hi @bjbhjsj

Do you get this error only for sys.reflections? or any sys tables? How about the below query?

select * from sys.nodes


thanks balaji.ramaswamy!
I will test the sql when I countpart the problem again. thank!
I reboot all dremio nodes ,then it works normally.