Error reading parquet

I have the following error when reading some parquet files:

IllegalStateException: Inconsistent row count. Reader[columns = [,, cohorte.enrollmentCode, cohorte.deletedAt, cohorte.parentId, cohorte.institutionId, cohorte.createdAt, cohorte.updatedAt, cohorte.externalId, cohorte.Entorno], isStarQuery = false, isSkipQuery = false] returned 0 while previous reader returned 64.

or in other cases the query do not retrieve data without error when the parquet have data.

I trying to update to 22.1 version but I get the error above.
The funny thing is (not funny) that in my old deployment in 4.0 version all parquets are well read.

@Sergio1 Have you tried to forget and then refresh metadata?