Execute the sql but not data return

when I execute the sql in my elasticSearch5.6.4 but there is no data to return.
I want to know about the express of the "where " condition?

but when I start to query by the condition " where t.lineCode=‘2’ "

then it return 0 row.
the lineCode field type is “keyword” in elasticsearch

Hi @bjbhjsj

Is linecode a CHAR field. Can you please send us the profile of the job that returns no rows. Also what happens if you try the below SQL?

select t.linecode from <table_name> t where trim(t.linecode)=‘2’


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy
thank your reply. I had resolve the problem. I suspect the field type is not string,because I use the substr(t.linecode,1,1)=‘2’ to replace the t.linecode=‘2’ then it worked ok.