Export csv options

Is there a possibility to define the structure of the exported csv’s?
When values already contain commas then the export cannot be used without post-processing.

label, id
Should be

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Hi Paul,

The behavior on commas in a .csv file is bug in our code – the fix for which will be available in the next version.

Unfortunately, today there is no possibility for exporting csv files with other delimiters (such as tabs, spaces, etc). This is an enhancement request that we are already tracking – originally requested in this post

My temporary fix it to run the Dremio SQL using a JDBC connection with a 3rd party SQL client and then export the results using whatever the 3rd party SQL client provides (Excel, Tab Delimited, SQL Insert Statements, etc…)

are there any updates on customizing the csv export delimiters? is it possible to set it from the configuration file (dremio.conf)?

The quoting issue was fixed a while back. Unfortunately, there has been no progress on the customization. Also unfortunately, there are no options in the configuration file that can be used to set the delimiters used in export.


Does anybody know if the bug has been fixed in one of the new versions?
We are using 4.6 and it contains this error. (csv - export data that contains comma)
We are planning to upgrade soon, but would like to know if our clients can expect this annoying bug to be fixed or not.


No idea, didn’t follow-up lately.