External Monitoring

Is there an interface for external monitoring or notification? I’d like to be able to monitor reflection status.

You could build your own with the API, however it requires enterprise version. Which has additional features for reflections monitoring. Probably more so what you are seeking.


A side NOTE…
@dremio team. You should really consider opening up your API to allow developers to build rock star interfaces for the community. I know the reflections management is an advanced feature for enterprise. I can respect the decision to restrict to enterprise user. However, if a few dev shops want to get together to build a wrapper on your product to release to the open source community, why not? :slight_smile:

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Got it, I was thinking more of a JMX control but see how you could use this endpoint.

I think a full featured JMX module would be more of a value add Enterprise capability then just restricting this endpoint.

@can can comment on this topic.

@dealercrm thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into options to make this a better experience for all our users.