Facing authentication error when trying to access dremio flight client within a cluster from another pod


We have Dremio deployed in the AKS. I am accessing dremio-arrow-flight from python client by connecting to the “dremio-db” service external IP and it is working fine.

I am using the same logic to connect to dremio-arrow-flight by using another pod within a same cluster. I am getting authentication error. Please help.

error msg: pyarrow._flight.FlightUnauthenticatedError: gRPC returned unauthenticated error, with message

Hi @Xenox ,

Are you trying to re-use the same bearer token from one coordinator on another? This isn’t currently supported.

Hi @jduong ,

I m using same bearer token to connect. Isn’t there way around it?

And could u please clarify exactly what is not supported ?


The bearer token (and session) can not currently be shared among separate coordinators when using Arrow Flight. You can always just send basic authentication to the other coordinator running Flight to start a new session.