Failing to connect to DremioFlightService using new authentication mode(arrow.flight.auth2) but can connect with legacy mode

I am using Dremio 12.0.0-202012212145230282-d8947fd3(Community Edition) for Arrow Flight server and Python Arrow Flight Client( to connect to the Dremio flight server.

By setting auth.mode: "legacy.arrow.flight.auth" in conf/dremio.conf file and restarting Dremio, I can connect to the flight server using the user/password credentials and perform the sql query.
But when I set auth.mode: "arrow.flight.auth2" to new authentication mode, the client is failing to connect to the flight server with the same user/password credentials.

Hi @Ravindra

What error are you getting?


I am getting following error:
[ERROR] Exception: FlightUnauthenticatedError('gRPC returned unauthenticated error, with message: ',)

Apache Arrow Flight changes that will be compatible with Dremio “arrow.flight.auth2” will be released in January. For the mean time, you can use the legacy connection method. We will be updating the Python sample application once the Arrow January release is out.

Thanks for the updates @Tiffany_Lam