Failed to decode column on reflection

I created a reflection on a 1 million row fact table, and am getting an error querying it.

select * from fact1 limit 10

Failed to decode column metric9::double

When I delete the reflection, the query works fine (it’s getting passed to a Redshift data source). If I create the reflection again, same error (although the error is on a different column).

I have a few other tables that are dimension tables with only a hundred or a thousand rows, and querying against them works fine with reflections.

So I’m wondering if it’s the amount of data that’s causing problems.

Any ideas?



Can you attached the query profile for a run with the reflection and without the reflection?

I have the zipped profile files. Can you give me an email to send to you?

I’m getting this same behavior, it also seems to bring the entire cluster down and errors on reflection creation on random columns.