Failed to Fetch Error on any save


I’m trying to create a new space within Dremio, just starting out on MacOS. If I try to save the new space, I get a “Failed to Fetch” error. I also tried to create a Redshift source, and got the same error. Any guidance would be helpful!



hey @indy could you share the contents of your logs directory? In the Dremio launcher app for Mac OS, there is a button to open this directory.

Sure, attached. Thanks for helping! (14.9 KB)

Hi @indy, to get to the bottom of this I think we’re going to need the browser logs too. Here’s a good reference for how to access them:

@chris thanks for helping. It looks like I got past that error but now am getting an error while trying to create an S3 data source. I will browse the forum to see if others had the same issue.