Feature Request - Metadata on Source- down to Field-Level

For large-scale enterprise usage, the availability and handling of meta data is essential. For automation, for audit, for support and for many other topics.

Would it be possible to have a simple property bag (key value pairs … like a JSON file) meta store for each object in Dremio: source, spaces, tables, views, reflections and (most import) individual fields. This should be read/write via GUI and API.

For Dremio it would be a (somehow) easy to implement feature, but I would help Dremio to get close to dedicated meta data and modelling tools and make them redundant.

A lot of what you mentioned is supported today. Have you had a chance to look at our REST API? https://docs.dremio.com/rest-api/

Specifically the Catalog api should address most of your needs. For Datasets we include the field information and each field contains the schema information with includes the name and type.

Many thanks. We‘ll give it a try and come back to you…