Filename filtering when reading multiple files

I have a directory with many subdirectories, each containing a parquet file, and I’m trying to setup this as a single dataset as per the instructions here Dremio

Unfortunately, each subdirectory also contains the same information as a JSON file.

When configuring the dataset I tell Dremio that the format is “parquet” and it (understandably) rejects it as it finds some files it can’t read. Similarly, if I configure the dataset as containing JSON files, it complains that there are invalid (parquet) files.

Is there anyway to configure Dremio to read files from multiple subdirectories but only read files with a specific extension?

Note: version 24.1 hosted on Azure.

A quick correction, apparently the JSON file holds a summary of the information in the parquet file not the data itself. But this doesn’t change the question there are still “invalid” files that need to be ignored.

@Graham Unfortunately it has to be one only type. One workaround is to rename the file you want to ignore to start with an underscore (_)