Flaky error complain location of dataset when creating virtual dataset

When create the virtual dataset by api
with request body

createParams := map[string]interface{}{
		"entityType": "dataset",
		"path":       path,
		"type":       "VIRTUAL_DATASET",
		"sql":        sql,
		"sqlContext": sqlContext,

we got the error message as:

{"errorMessage":"Virtual datasets can only be saved into spaces or home space.","moreInfo":""}

And on retry on same machine or re run in different env, the datasets return this message seems to be randomly happened, there is no promise it will happen every time on the given datasets, but seems promise to have certain % of datasets will runs into this issue. Anyone has ever met similar issue or more details on what this error message mean?

@ee07b415 Are you setting the context eveytime?

Hi Balaji,

Thanks for your reply! The context you asking is the sqlContext parameter?

Yutian Song

@ee07b415 Yes, SQL Context