Getting Dremio Server Connect to R on macOS

Hi all,

I am new to R and trying to connect Dremio server using ODBC driver, however, I am unable to do so.

Let me know if anyone has any idea or can help me out here.

Below is the code I used (it keep on running forever).

dremio_host <- ""
dremio_port <- "31010"
dremio_uid <- "Removed while posting here"
dremio_pwd <- "Removed while posting here"

channel <- odbcDriverConnect(sprintf("DRIVER=Dremio Connector;HOST=%s;PORT=%s;UID=%s;PWD=%s;AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=Basic Authentication;CONNECTIONTYPE=Direct", dremio_host, dremio_port, dremio_uid, dremio_pwd))

@Mridul ODBC connects on 31010, what happens if you try dremio_host as “” or “

@balaji.ramaswamy I already tried that, not working. Also, on deepdiving more, I found that the Dremio ODBC driver is not getting installed correctly. (got that from @cojamalo guide where the ODBC driver manager is not showing the driver under the system DNS tab as indicated)

Can it be due to compatibility issues as I am running a Macbook Pro with the M1 chip?

@Mridul I have asked internally and will update tomorrow

@Mridul You were correct, we have an open ticket with our driver company magnitude to support M1 chip

@balaji.ramaswamy Thanks for confirming. Can we get an ETA for when can we get the driver for M1 chips?

Not at this time @Mridul will keep you posted