ODBC driver on MacOS, part 2

Sorry for the n00b question. I did see the other thread about this topic, but that didn’t answer my question.
Using these instructions: https://docs.dremio.com/client-applications/tableau-mac.html

I’m entering my-
Host = localhost
Port = 31010
UID = ***
PWD = ***
But I’m not able to connect. I suspect it’s because I haven’t declared a Database.
Where can I find that info?

For reference, here’s the window

And here’s the error

First, make sure you have the latest version of the ODBC driver installed on your machine. Then I would recommend to choose Driver Dremio Connector, and not DSN (DSN is for already configured sources).

As for the database field, it is optional (and default to DREMIO)

I’m fairly certain I have the latest. I downloaded it from here earlier this week.

I changed from DSN to Driver and left everything else the same, but I cannot connect still.


Have you been able to use Dremio’s web front end (usually at http://localhost:9047)?

Yes, the Dremio front end works perfectly fine

Have you made any configuration changes to the dremio.conf file (documented here: http://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/configuration-files.html)

Particularly the services.client-endpoint option, which specifies the port that is available for the ODBC and JDBC driver to use.

I had the same problem. There are two mac installs. The server and below the fold, the actual ODBC driver.