HDFS Port need to allowed from FireWall

Hi All,
I have installed dremio on azure aks and able to access dremio gui using LoadBalancer IP .

I have Azure visrtual Scale Set where 2 instance is running .I have deployed Executer of both node .Now From hdfs Virtual Machine which is also on azure i have Allowed Dremio LB IP so hdfs able to connect .But if i allowed specfic Port as destination 8020 from HDFS fireWall its not able to Query althrough source is conencted …May i know which specific Port allowed from dremio to connect hdfs .

@Vikash_Singh, that would depend on the NameNode port you’ve configured for HDFS. Is the NameNode service listening on 8020?

@ben yes its solved i have to allowed 8020 ->nameNode Port (for Connection)
9866 --> dataNode (for running query and Preview),

thanks Ben