HDP(Full Kerberized) + Hive 3.X + Dremio Community (Build 4.3.1) - GSS error

Dear friends,

is it possible to connect to a Kerberized Hive with the Dremio Community License?

I’ve check the differences between the Community and Enterprise but … my apologies… I still have doubts about this.

I ask this because I’ve been trying to integrate Hive 3.X with Dremio, and I’m keep getting the usual GSS Kerberos error…

Thank you in advanced.

Kinds regards,
João Barreto

I reinstalled Dremio Community Build, this time with version 4.0.4-201910212053580380-773b665, and the same configuration with Hive 2.X worked perfectly on the first try (I’m using HDP 3.1.0 with Hive 3).

There is for sure something (at least) weird with Hive 3.X connector and Community Build 4.3.1.
With Hive 3. and Community 4.0.4 Hive, no databases were shown.

We are going to use Hive 2.X connector in the meanwhile, at least it fetched all metadata from hive.



When you used Hive 3.x, did you remember to do 2 things

  1. Use Dremio Hive 3.x source, see screenshot

  1. Starting from Dremio 4.2 we have moved Hive classes to its own folder so you have to symlink DREMIO_HOME/conf to DREMIO_HOME/plugins/connectors/hive3-ee.d/conf , see documentation below