[HIVE] datatype: STRUCT with Dremio 3.1.9 after upgrade

Hi everyone!

I recently upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.1.9 (following the upgrade procedure)
We have issues with transactional tables

The error is the following: Vectorized ORC reader is not supported for datatype: STRUCT
Before 3.0.1 this Reflection simply works. We do not understand this strange behaviour. Any suggestions?
I attach profile for further investigations.

3307191c-28b0-4868-8ac2-9aaee65c0823.zip (13,9 KB)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rosario,

We have the same issue.

I suppose that it was introducted in 3.1.7 release for fix the problem with parquet datatype.

Do you use Dremio community edition or with support?

Is there someone else with the same blocking problem?