Support for struct fields in Hive

I was trying to use dremio to read from hive tables with nested fields.
Unfortunately I can’t. I’m getting error Caused by: org.apache.calcite.sql.validate.SqlValidatorException: Column ‘xxx’ not found in any table, but the column exists.

Hey @maver1ck, sorry for the delay. You should be able to directly point Dremio to the Parquet/JSON files backing these Hive tables and query nested fields. We currently don’t support accessing nested structures when used over Hive.

Thanks fot the advise. It worked.

Are there any plans to support such a fields in near future ?

Hi @can ,

We met the same issue now on Dremio 4.9.1. We want to query Dremio Hive tables for Array<struct<…>>. Is this supported now by any settings?

@balaji.ramaswamy , Would you help suggest on this?


Dremio fully supports structs, arrays (LISTS) but not MAP data types for Hive tables, what help would you exactly need?