Hive table not accelerated when create raw reflection

Hi community,

I use dremio 17 version, when I create the raw reflection with all columns for a hive table. And then I run a query with this table,it didn’t accelerated by the raw reflection. But when I do the same action in community version , not oss version,the mvn cmd like this :
mvn clean install -DskipTests, it run successful and accelerated by the raw reflection.
mvn clean install -DskipTests -Ddremio.oss-only=true, it not accelerated by the raw reflection.

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@lakeshen Are you able to send us the 2 profiles, from OSS and not OSS versions?

Hi ramaswamy,

Thank you very much for your reply.Here is my SQL profile:
samesql_hive_ (64.2 KB)
samesql_hive_ (86.9 KB)

There are the same sql, same raw reflection. But in oss version , it did not accelerated by raw reflection.Not OSS verion accelerated by raw reflection success.

@lakeshen I do not see the reflection even listed, there is a way on enterprise edition to completely disable acceleration, wondering if that is happening for you on OSS. Do none of the queries get accelerated? can you query sys.reflections and see if the status of any reflection is CAN_ACCELERATE?