Why Raw reflection was not been used

I’m newer on Dremio 3.2.0.I have created a VDS from a Hive Table and the raw reflections of Hive Table and VDS have been enabled.When I execute the sql ‘select * from VDS’, the raw reflections of VDS have been used to accelerate;But then execute ‘select * from VDS where id>=x and id < y’, or ‘select * from VDS where date_flag>=‘2019-05-XX’ and date_flag < 2019-05-YY’, the job shows that the reflections of VDS was not used but the Hive table’s raw reflections have been chosen.So I don’t know why the reflections of VDS was not used?Is there any difference? Thanks.
profile.zip (19.4 KB)


The profile shows that there were some substitution errors (which are sadly not captured in the profile) - can you check your Dremio logs for any errors? It looks like the errors caused your other reflection to not get choosen.

Hi doron,
Sorry for reply late.The Dremio has been upgraded from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 before the issue appeared.I checked the server log and found some errors, and I rollbacked the system and performed upgrade to 3.2.0 again, there were the same errors in server.log.So could you check why the errors occur and whether they will cause the reflections of VDS not to
be chosen? and how to fix?Thanks!
server.log.zip (616.2 KB)


There seems to be something wrong with the raw reflection on maxc.ods_ec.vds_ods_logdb_dbo_ecx_log_overwrite - can you try and disable/enable it so that it gets rebuilt? It seems like it can’t find the reflection files.

Thanks! could you tell me how to find the error table?

Just go to the dataset, click on the cog wheel icon and you can edit reflections that way. Disable the raw one, save, then re-enable.