How can get/set the support keys, engines configurations by API in Enterprise Edition


We are working on migrate all things from one Dremio to another new one. And we want to create a tool to do it.

So, I’m looking for the way to get/set below information, not found any APIs in Dremio document can get them.

  1. Admin–>Engine–>Elastic Engines
    Any API can get/create/update engine?
  2. Admin–>Engine–>Support
    Any API can get/create/update customized Support Keys?
  3. For some external data source(e.g. PostgreSQL)
    How can we get the password? In catalog API we can see the password replaced by $DREMIO_EXISTING_VALUE$. Because we have many external sources(Almost 30 sources) we can’t configured it one by one.


#1 There is no public facing API’s for this
#2 Use “ALTER SYSTEM set key=”, you can use the POST SQL API to run this query
#3Passwords are stored in the RocksDB and currently there is no way to get the Password